Close your teeth gap permanently without braces

Close your teeth gap permanently without braces

Usmile offers a dental solution to the large gaps in teeth. These orthofill bands do not contain latex and are tasteless. Adding to its advantage these bands provides for movement of teeth quickly. The most important fact is that these bands are disposable which lets us use a new band every night that brings more comfort and ensures better results.
The Orthofill bands are made with premium grade elastic polymer to ensure optimum solution for your teeth and let you smile better

Orthofill was developed alongside dental professionals. The Orthofill band mimics orthodontic braces and are made with a special premium grade elastic polymer that ensure safe and gradual movement of your teeth. Usmile`s  Orthofilll is by far the best alternative to close the gap between your upper front teeth without wearing braces.

Usmile`s Orthofill is the first fully professional alternative to closing the gap between your front teeth also referred to as diastema

Orthofill is a product of <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=” “> Usmile Dental Products </a> a leader in cosmetic teeth whitening and dentistry. Usmile aims to offer the most professional at home cosmetic dentistry products on the market.
Technological advances make it possible to offer some traditional cosmetic dentistry products directly to patients. Usmile started its consumer product line by developing the Usmile Accelerator, the first fully professional home teeth whitening system. Seeing the great success of its teeth whitening product Usmile continued to innovate and launched Orthofill. Orthofill is now considered by many to be the only professional alternative to orthodontic braces for treating diastema (teeth gap).

A question comes in mind how it works here are the answer,

Slide one Orthofill band around the outside of the teeth with the gap between them.
You will quickly and easily become an expert at this. Due to the gradual pressure of the Orthofill band your teeth will move in the right direction while you sleep. It is recommended that you do not wear them during the day to help your teeth set in their new position

Be aware that for the first couple of days you might experience some temporary sensitivity. This is normal and comparable to when you first wear braces. It is a good indication that the teeth are moving and will quickly go away. For optimal results use a new Orthofill band every night. The orthofill band should be worn every night. Please be sure to remove them while brushing teeth.

The process will take a few weeks but this might time might be lessened depending on the size of the gap.The relativity slow process insures that the teeth movement is gradual and also permanent.

It is common question How long should I wear the Orthofill bands on my teeth?

You should wear the bands every night until the gap is closed. We suggest not to wear them during the day to give the teeth some time to adjust to their new position. If your gap is more than 3.5mm we do not recommend the usage of Orthofill.

Small gap (smaller than 2.7mm) : 5-20 days.
Large gaps (larger than 2.7mm): 21 to 60 days.

Orthofill was specifically designed to close a diastema (teeth gap). Unfortunately braces will be needed to fix any other orthodontic issues.
You should wear them as long as it takes to pull your teeth together. If you stop wearing them and the gap reappears repeat treatment.  Yes, try not pushing the band all the way to the top of your gum line.
The motion of teeth is not linear thus as your teeth come together a pressure will be created on your gums which will cause your teeth arch to contract so no new gap should appear. If you start to notice a new gap forming use Orthofill on that gap and this will fix the problem.

We recommend you to wear the Orthofill band for about a month after your gap is closed to ensure that your teeth remain in their position. If your teeth had not yet settled into position it is possible that the gap will reappear. If that happens just repeat the treatment and be sure to wear it for some time afterward. You can also ask an orthodontist to glue a small wire to the back of your front teeth to make sure they don’t move again.

We do not recommend this treatment for children 13 and under or people with delicate teeth or crooked teeth.There is absolutely no risk if you swallow the bands. It will simply pass through your system in the same way a chewing gum would.

Orthofill is a product of Usmile Dental Products a leader in cosmetic teeth whitening and dentistry.

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